Tuesday, June 3

So many recipes. So many pictures.

The number of food blogs in my feed reader has been growing. Some of the food blogs I particularly enjoy and from which I've either made recipes or have them in the line-up include:
  • Smitten Kitchen (thanks for the referral, Catherine!) I made her Chocolate Pudding and we loved it.
  • Joy the Baker - I haven't made anything of hers yet, but the recent cake looks delicious
  • 101 Cookbooks, by Heidi Swanson. She posts her own recipes plus those she tries from other cooks. I currently have her book, Super Natural Foods, from the library and want to try a couple recipes, at the very least. Heidi Swanson has great information on whole grains and natural foods which we all should consume more than we do. She comes from a vegetarian perspective but doesn't push it on the reader. Two recipes I want to try are here and here.
  • Pioneer Woman - Cooking - Ree's blog is just fun and there are many parts to it - ranch life, cooking, photography and fun posts. The egg dish I made for my grandparents the other week came from her blog and we loved it. I can't wait to try the Crash Hot Potatoes she just posted.
It's funny how we find things online. I don't even remember how I found 101 Cookbooks. I sometimes go from one blog to another with referring links and starting with Smitten Kitchen, I think I found Joy the Baker. Another random blog, maybe from one of the commenters on a post, had a link to Pioneer Woman. One common theme of the above blogs is the great photography.

What blogs have you enjoyed lately? I know I have a lot of lurkers and I also ask questions on my posts (like here and here and here)....but I think only one or two people actually answer (again, thanks Catherine :)! I do want to hear from you.

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Alaina said...

I'll de-lurk :) - I really enjoy your blog! (I knew your husband in Shawnee during highschool and I think you and I were maybe suite mates and counselors 8 years ago at Calvin. I'm also friends with Catherine, Shannon etc. :)). Anyway...

I LOVE pickles (esp. dill but also sweet), I'm having serious dish and storage envy from the picture of Martha's prop room, and I'm constantly de-cluttering. :) I'm an avid cook, baker, and recipe developer.