Friday, April 25


I think there is a message I'm supposed to be hearing, as I've come across topics of "Clutter" a lot recently. It is spring, after all. Crystal is spurring her readers on with de-cluttering projects, and Get Rich Slowly is helping us remember how much stuff we accumulate.

The other night, while Ryan was at class, I finally attacked the mount of linens and clothes in our bedroom. I had winter sweaters out that needed to be stored (no drawer space thanks to my new husband...who I wouldn't trade for the world!), a huge duvet that was too warm at this point and pillows and sheets and towels that needed a home. I trimmed down a lot of it by putting some linens and clothes in some plastic bins I got on clearance at Target a few weeks ago, and reorganized Ryan's closet shelf to house sheets and blankets. It felt great!

Our next project is to find homes for many items stacked in the old guest room/new study. We rearranged it a few weeks ago and it's now Ryan's study with a desk and a book shelf. Much is left to organize though, but we're glad he has a dedicated place for his seminary studies.

An incentive for me to push on sooner than later with some de-cluttering and organization is a yard sale our church is putting on next month. I plan to take a ton of stuff there, including items that we "upgraded", so to speak, through wedding gifts. Some things are just extra and no longer needed. I LOVE getting rid of clutter.

Are you working on anything like this lately? If so, what is it?

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Anonymous said...

It is nice to de-clutter, which we did a lot of before we moved. There has only been a couple of things that I wished that I had kept, like an outside watering can!!