Tuesday, August 21

Wear the right shoes

I am back from Kansas. I flew out last Wednesday and drove back with Ryan yesterday (14 hours). The Clarks shoes to the right are completely cute and comfortable except when running nearly all the way around Chicago's airport to get a flight. I landed at 1 am instead of 9pm after delays, weather, missed connections and a plane which took 2 hours to taxi from the hangar to our gate, but I was glad to at least get in that night. I got my luggage the next afternoon. Ladies, imagine meeting your boyfriend's family for the first time without your regular makeup and toiletries! EEK!! Ryan's sister, Lori, was fabulous though and loaned me a bunch of stuff and I looked fairly normal. The weekend was wonderful with Ryan's family. There was much laughter! Next week, we go to Oregon for a few days to spend time with my family. I'm so excited!

Also, my nephew was born last week! Andy & Erin had their first baby, Cohen Andrew, and he's a cutie. I have tickets to go out to San Diego in about 5 weeks.

Lastly, Ryan is back for good! Our three month separation (with synod in between where we saw each other) while he interned out west is over. O.V.E.R. Seminary classes don't start for a couple of weeks so we will have some good times together, including making Bobby Flay's fish tacos sometime.

Wednesday, August 15


Here are some cool pictures of Antarctica.

Friday, August 3

Oh Papaya

One of my favorite fruits is papaya, but only with lime juice. Because of my severe lime leanings, I might like it better than others. I've had people try it though and most liked it. I halve, seed, peel and dice the [large] papaya and juice a lime over it. I'm pretty generous with my lime juice. Give it a try!

Thursday, August 2

New job...of sorts

I work for Benshaw, and we were acquired this week after many months of work and negotiations. We have some new bosses, and the substance of my work will change, some for the better, some worse. Either way, there is a long transition period which has begun, and it's kind of like the calm before the storm...only not knowing what the storm is like or how long it will last! It's a good move for Benshaw. Curtiss-Wright was first founded in 1929, having roots in the work of Glenn Curtiss and the Wright Brothers. They have some really fascinating products and technology, particularly in the areas of the military and nuclear technology. The company's history is interesting.

Benshaw acquired by Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright Corp. said Wednesday it acquired Benshaw Advanced Controls & Drives for about $102 million in cash, to expand its product offerings in the commercial power, control electronics and systems markets. The business will become part of Curtiss-Wright's Flow Control segment, the company said in a statement. Benshaw is a Glenshaw-based electronic controls manufacturer.
Founded in 1983, Benshaw employs approximately 410 people. "The addition of Benshaw to the Curtiss-Wright family of companies provides a major opportunity to expand our product offerings in the commercial power, control electronics and systems markets," Curtiss-Wright Chairman and CEO Martin R. Benante said in a statement. Curtiss-Wright also has a Pittsburgh presence, with its Curtiss-Wright Electromechanical Corp. division based in Cheswick.