Friday, July 27

Friday Musings

- I started reading Heat, a so-far interesting book about the life of an amateur cook working as a kitchen slave, line cook, pasta maker and more. It's intriguing to me to learn about the inner workings of professional kitchens (oh man, the part where he had to dice 36 carrots into perfect one millimeter cubes just for making stock...the carrot first has to be trimmed into a long rectangle, then 1mm strips are made, then chopped crosswise to make 1mm perfect cubes. His "master" made him toss a whole pile and start again). Aside from some foul words contained in direct quotes, it's good so far.

- I continued to be saddened by our twisted world.
It truly is anti-Christ, which is what God has said it is and will be. Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis are allowed to refuse people who have alcohol with them because of their "religious beliefs", but Washington pharmacists are not allowed to refuse to dispense the morning after abortion pill. There are many more things like that going on, some of them worse, and we don't hear about it much. I am comforted knowing that though the rulers of the earth set themselves against the Lord, "...the Lord will scorn them all. He will laugh who sits on high. Then His wrath will on them fall; sore displeased He will reply" (Ps. 2). Christ is King of all the nations and all that is contained in those nations, and there will be no end to the increase of His government and peace . Christ is build His church in the face of Islam and all else.

- I finished reading Infidel as previously recommended by Shannon and Catherine, and through it confirmed what I believed to be true - it's an illusion that Islam is about peace and tolerance. I think most of us know that, but my understanding of the different "kinds" of Muslims was further confirmed expanded - those who seem "moderate" aren't true Muslims. True, "good" Muslims are those who commit honor killings, excise their young daughters and beat their wives, according to the Quaran. They are NOT interested in talking things out in a diplomatic way.

- Ryan showed me the website of a photographer he knows who is a former customer from his Starbucks days. She does great work and has an enjoyable website of galleries.

- I'm wearing red shoes today

- Ryan and I are in the home stretch. In a little less than three weeks, our summer-long separation will end when, if God wills, I'll go to
Kansas to meet his family and see him [:-) x 100]. Shortly after that, we anticipate traveling to Oregon to spend a few days with my family before the seminary year starts.

- I like taking pictures of babies

Friday, July 20


Ha! I think he knows he's guilty.

Monday, July 9


I think I am done watching Lost for now. I have been having very vivid, frequent dreams related to Lost! They haven't all been bad dreams or good dreams...just dreams for the most part. I don't usually dream like that (or at least, I don't recall the dreams like that) and I think I OD'd on the show since I had it through Netflix. Just stepping back for now.

Wednesday, July 4

Pictures Speak: Being Found Out

(and: you have something on your mouth)

Monday, July 2

New Salad

Tomorrow, I'm making a new salad with my dinner when the mission team comes over. It's from the latest Cooking Light magazine and is called Asparagus-Apple Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette. I will probably also do Asian BBQ Chicken and Island Rice, which I've posted about before. Recipes are in the link to the side (previously posted recipes). Asian BBQ Chicken is probably my favorite chicken marinade (easy, delicious).

I wish I cooked every night! I miss it! I have less motivation to cook when it's only me. I'm glad I have several things coming up for church when I'll cook stuff.