Friday, February 23


This is bound to be a less-than-exciting post. Work has been busy, but I've had a low-key week otherwise which is nice. I've thought often over the last couple of weeks how good the Lord is in His consistent provision of fellowship with other believers, both new and old friends. It's a taste of heaven!

My family crossed the border to Oregon yesterday (cheers) and anticipate arriving in my grandma's house later today. I praise God for the clear, yes CLEAR weather they had their entire trip. They close on their new house next Thursday, and their belongings will arrive a week or so after that.

In other important news, my breakfast today and yesterday was a PB&J sandwich. I have no shame in doing that! I needed a switch from oatmeal and forgot to buy more Grape Nuts. But I really have no shame! I feel no need to explain myself!

Friday, February 16

And They're Off.....'ll be a few months before I see them again.

8 days of close quarters....

Wednesday, February 14


The trees are beautiful like this, and it's a fascinating sound to hear the wind blow and cause the frozen branches to clang against each other. It would be spectacular if the sun came out!

Tuesday, February 13


Cilantro is the item pictured in Quiz #10. Josh, Karen, Maureen, Jen and Mom were right! And for Rebecca, coriander is the seed, so she kind of got it :-). I'm impressed with how many guessed correctly as I expected parsley to be the most common answer.

The movers come today and tomorrow to my parents' house. I plan to go over tomorrow to see the house totally empty...the house where I grew up (since age 1). Tonight, they are coming for dinner with Danila and Josh and then will be staying with me Wednesday through Friday morning. This is THE week for a big change in my life.

This is nice...really nice. But, better to have it today then Friday when my family embarks to Oregon (as long as the movers can still pack the truck).

Saturday, February 10

7:42 am on Saturday

I heard my neighbor snoring this moring. How's that for something new and exciting?

Friday, February 9


Calvin & Hobbes for today was good. I love his expressions.

Tuesday, February 6

Quiz #10

Only one this week...


Did anyone used to have this doll? I used to have one and laid her on my bed every day after making it (or, on the days I actually made my bed). Her name is StarBright, right?

Saturday, February 3

Away Away

The Christmas decorations have been put away. Whewwwwwwwww.