Tuesday, February 13


Cilantro is the item pictured in Quiz #10. Josh, Karen, Maureen, Jen and Mom were right! And for Rebecca, coriander is the seed, so she kind of got it :-). I'm impressed with how many guessed correctly as I expected parsley to be the most common answer.

The movers come today and tomorrow to my parents' house. I plan to go over tomorrow to see the house totally empty...the house where I grew up (since age 1). Tonight, they are coming for dinner with Danila and Josh and then will be staying with me Wednesday through Friday morning. This is THE week for a big change in my life.

This is nice...really nice. But, better to have it today then Friday when my family embarks to Oregon (as long as the movers can still pack the truck).


Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,
I looked at your photo galleries for the first time and I really enjoyed it! You capture beauty on film very well. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Drattttt . . . . I'm too late for the photo contest :(

Yay for Oregon!!!!! I can't wait to visit :D


eurorebs said...

Yea, I'm no good at "herb" games :) hehe

Nice storm, huh. We got a dreaded mess of snow and sleet/ice. It's a nightmare to clean up. Would've rather had two feet of snow! :) Was fun to have a storm though...finally. Now I'm ready for spring :)