Monday, May 26

Pickle Poll

Pickles. Do you like them? My husband has been merrily snacking on Claussen dill pickles, though I easily pass them over. I like sweet pickles, but dill? No thanks. What kind of pickles, if any, do you like?


Catherine said...

I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love kosher dill pickles.

I will eat them from the jar.
I will eat them in a car.
I will eat them here or there.
I will eat them anywhere.


Even when I'm not pregnant, pickles are some of my favorite food. I eat pickle and mustard sandwiches. When I'm at a restaurant, I ask for extra pickles on the side of my hamburger "four to five times what you give a normal person." At Subway, I have them keep piling the pickles on my sandwich until I am asked in disbelief, "Are you SERIOUS? You want MORE pickles?"

I don't really like sweet pickles all that much.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened to my comment, it didn't show up so I'll post it again.
The only pickles that I really like are your Grandma Pepple's homemade dill pickles!!! They were really good for controlling morning sickness when I was pregnant with Adam.

Anne said...

I'm with Ryan; I LOVE dill pickles!!!! My sister, brother & I used to "fight" over who got to drink the pickle juice when the pickles were all gone. :) I still drink it, occasionally. And no, pickles has NOTHING to do with me being pregnant. I'm not really a huge of fan of sweet (bread & butter according to my grandmother) pickles. Matt likes the gherkins, but give me dill anytime. I even use dill relish for my hot dogs and hamburgers. :)

"I got a pickle. I got a pickle. I got a pickle hey, hey, hey!!" (we like to sing this to the little song from Little Rascals "I got a dollar") :)