Monday, May 26

Tonight's Menu

For Memorial Day, we're having the following for dinner:

Hamburgers, topped with bourbon caramelized onions
Bourbon BBQ Baked Beans, a Weber Grilling recipe
Potato Salad, a mix of a family recipe & ATK Best Recipe
Chocolate Pudding for dessert

I added Sweet Thai Chili sauce and green onions to the hamburger meat. I also made a lime cilantro mayo for the buns. The onions are a recipe from Max & Erma's that my mom replicated at home years ago. The beans and pudding are new recipes for me.

It's easy to caramelize onions. Sweet onions, such as Vidalia, are best. The key is to let them sit and cook, in a stainless steel pan. Don't over stir because the bits that build up on the bottom of the pan are key for flavor and cut down the time required for caramelization. When you stir, scrape the pan and get the gooey bits off. See the progression:

I'm hungry! Time to turn the grill on. What's on your plate for today?

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