Sunday, May 25


Ryan and I had a great visit with my Pap & Grandma, my mom's parents, on Friday and yesterday, who live about two hours from here. Our conversations consisted of talking about their old farms, who is related to who, showing wedding pictures, all with loud voices and enunciated words since my Grandma is nearly deaf. She is great with reading lips though and I was glad we were able to communicate so much. We spent about an hour in the computer room at their retired living center, and I showed them online pictures of their great grandson, Cohen, trips to Oregon, our wedding, honeymoon and more. My grandma particularly loves seeing the pictures and misses out on a lot since she can't talk on the phone.

Our breakfast turned out great, and we all really liked the egg dish. I ended up having more bread than the recipe called for and as a result had to add more eggs. I should have baked it longer and at a higher temperature, because I went to serve it and the eggs were still runny! I put it back in the oven, covered, and raised the temperature 25 degrees, and it turned out great. The use of sourdough bread gave the dish a nice tang. Alas, I didn't take a picture of that dish or the Butterscotch Breakfast rolls but I did take some of my grandma. She's not one to look at or pose for the camera. I didn't think to pat her hair down though...

The land near my grandparents house is lush and green right now. It's a rural farm area and to get to their place, we travel over a "mountain" which has a pretty nice view. What do you think of the first picture? I was playing around with it in Photoshop. It's tricky to get a good picture of a light sky and dark foreground, especially when you have your husband quickly pull over to the side of the road and take a picture into the sun instead of the sun being behind you. Do you look at it and first think that it's too processed? Your thoughts, please.

Oh, my grandma LOVES Ryan. She's nearly deaf though so she calls him any of the following names: Rain, Randy (I have a cousin Randy), Rine, and sometimes Ryan. She's a dear and sent us home with some homemade applesauce.

And to top off the country, down home theme, a tire:

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