Friday, May 23

Indulgent Brunch

I'm probably going to regret this calorie-wise, but I can't wait to eat breakfast tomorrow! For what reason? Well, I'll be making the following two recipes at my grandparent's place this weekend. They live about two hours away in a retirement apartment in rural PA, and Ryan and I are going to visit them tonight and tomorrow, and this will be our brunch in the morning:

First, a family favorite: Butterscotch Breakfast Rolls. Some of you may have had these or know them by another name. A close recipe is here. Though my mom used to use rolls and make them in a bundt pan, she now uses Rhode's frozen cinnamon rolls (in the bag, discarding the icing) in a regular 9x13. My mom started that a few years ago and since she's, well, a fabulous cook, I've adopted it as well. That makes me fabulous, right? There is no additional cinnamon in the recipe I use, and they sit overnight in the oven to thaw and raise. Something to note in finishing them well is to let them sit for a few minutes after you turn them out onto a plate or tray but before removing the dish in which they were baked. This will allow the syrupy, sticky, buttery topping to settle on the rolls and not on the baking pan. We grew up having them every year for Christmas breakfast and only occasionally have it other times in the year. And oh, I only put nuts on half since I don't care for nuts in baked goods. I think I still get teased for that sometimes! My family loves me.

Second, I'm making a half recipe of Sleepin' In Omelette, posted by Pioneer Woman. I'm making half since I don't want to use 10 of the 12 eggs I just bought, and the four of us do not need a huge dish of the stuff. Some of us will be tempted to eat more of it than our consciences want us to eat (me? nahhhhh). Instead of onion rolls , I may use some nearly stale sourdough bread that I have in the freezer.

Check out the rest of Pioneer Woman's blog for some delicious (non-light) recipes and good photography. She got sucked into ranch life by being swept off her feet by a cattle rancher and now lives on a ranch with 4 children and a lot of cowboys and has some pretty fun photos of ranch life. Talk about a run on sentence!

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Catherine said...

The breakfast roll recipe sounds really yummy, I can see how it would be even better with the cinammon rolls like your mom does. Have a great weekend!