Wednesday, May 21

I love spending my time this way

An hour of my evening tonight was spent doing a task that was 100% preventable.

What is this little bugger doing in soapy water, you ask? Thanks to my adeptness at drinking coffee at the computer, these guys got a good bath. Especially since I turn my coffee into wonderful, creamy, sugary goodness. Mmm.

It took a little while to put the keys back on.

My handsome husband was quite absorbed in the skill I displayed.

And...let's just say the "Quality Control" department didn't quite test all the keys to see that they did indeed type with out slushing around before grinning with satisfaction of a job well done. Blast that L and spacebar. Who needs them anyway? Same with N, K, J, comma. We don't need you!

And yes, I chronicled this in photos. For you.

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