Monday, June 18

Second Annual Cooking Poll

Last year, I posted a poll for people to list their top 10 favorite ingredients. Knowing that tastes can change over time, I am going to list my 10 and compare to the list I made last year to see if there are any differences. They weren't in any particular order.

1. Garlic
2. Olive Oil
3. Salt: kosher and sea
4. Lime juice or zest
5. Balsamic vinegar
6. Piquin chiles (tiny, very hot dried chiles)
7. Parmesan cheese
8. Onions
9. Sugar

I just checked my old list, and three items didn't make it this time but ARE still favorites: coffee, cilantro and butter. How could I forget butter? I also checked my pantry...I have six varieties of salt! Oh man. And I have 10 kinds of vinegar.


golux1914 said...

In no particular order...
1) extra virgin olive oil
2) garlic
3) onions (can I include shallots & green onions?)
4) vinegar (mostly balsamic, rice wine & red wine)
5) butter
6) chocolate
7) ginger
8) soy sauce
9) kosher salt
10) black pepper

Shannon Koons said...

My list is pretty much the same except no hot chiles. I'd have cream and wine on my list. Vanilla instead of chocolate. And not just any old vanilla, but Nielsen Massey Madagascar vanilla. :)

lynardlynard said...

Love the list! Can we make it the top 20??? Ha-ha! I would add lemons, ginger, sweet red pepper, and chicken stock, oh yeah, and sour cream...but I don't know what I would take away. LOL

|||||| lynard

PS--Wow, 10 kinds of rock!

eurorebs said...

Ok, my mouth started watering just reading this!

Hey, I also wanted to let you know that I woke up thinking about you this morning :) Hope things are going well!

Auntie Chris said...

This is fun and I'm taking liberties in making my list! hahahaha. I seem to have been able to squeeze most of my favs here. Auntie Chris

1. Fats: olive oil, butter, avocado
2. Seasonings: kosher salt, sea salt, black pepper, bread crumbs, panko
3. Pancetta, prosciutto, bacon
4. Protein: shrimp, filet mignons, chicken, pork
5. Dairy: cheeses, sour cream, soy
6. Peppers: red and green bell, red pepper flakes, chipotles in adobo sauce
7. Wine
8. Herbs: herbes de provence, basil, parsely, rosemary, thyme, dill, margarum
9. pasta
10. Greens: spinach, arugula, lettuce

Frankita said...

sounds very yummy! the list is making me hungry so i better go start dinner. i love limes!!!! although in mexico we ate limes/lime juice in i got a little "limed out". i'm sure i'll get over it soon though. :)

Karen (Scotland) said...

That was last year??!? Where has the time gone? lol