Tuesday, March 20

Cooking Style

Here is a quiz my aunt sent me, called "What is Your Culinary Style?" Have a go at it! I came out "Healthy: You are a health-conscious chef who knows that you don't have to sacrifice flavor to lose the fat. You believe in a well-balanced diet and like to cook with fresh, straightforward ingredients. For you, the trick to making good food lies in the seasoning; which is why you are never without herbs and spices."

I think that is pretty true for me. That doesn't mean I EAT healthy, but I do like fresh, straightforward ingredients and good spices/flavors for cooking. I also took the grilling personality quiz and came out Expert.


Auntie Chris said...

You are right, it is fun. Here is my result: Adventurous
Whether it's creating fusion cuisine, adding chiles to chocolate, or throwing an authentic Italian-themed dinner party, your culinary style screams unique. You aren't afraid to try new dishes and are always on the lookout for some innovative ingredient. You aren't above the basics, either: A grilled T-bone steak with arugula is just so classic that it seems downright original to your guests!

Lingalls said...

I got "elegant entertainer," and then they went on to list my 4 favorite FoodTV chefs: Ina, Sara, Michael, and Wolfgang (although they left out Jacque Torres), but I think this was pretty accurate for me!

Karen said...

I got the same one as you!!