Tuesday, March 13

Rebecca's feet are cute.

I am a bad blogger, I know. I KNOW. No photo quizzes, no recipes. I've been doing stuff and spending time with friends. The reason for no photo quizzes: no ideas! Needtocomeupwithsomeideas. Reason for no recipes? I've been making the same thing over and over - Island Rice! I know I ought to stop while I am ahead and while I still love it. Wait! I do have a new recipe. I made some soup last night and it was a new recipe, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Recipe here. I used regular brown rice though and not the boil-in-a-bag rice. That is about all I have for you. Rebecca had a funny idea and posted a picture of her feet as a way to fill her blog! hehe. I love you, Rebecca!

My family's belongings arrived this past weekend; thanks to God for that.

I took a typing test here and had the following result the first time: "During the test, you typed at a speed of 64 words/minute and made 16 errors. According to these results, you are an expert typist and should consider taking the corresponding course when you register." They tell you not to backspace but I forgot that, and I think they count that as an error in additon to the things we normal people would consider errors. The second time, I had 75 wpm and 8 errors! haha. Try it if you like.


eurorebs said...

HA!!! I just now read your blog (finally!) - you're too funny. I'm having the same problem - what the heck do I write about? Fact is, we'll read whatever you feel like writing :)

I was thinking of maybe writing about how annoying MARCH weather can be :) haha

I gotta take that typing test...

I love you!!!

eurorebs said...

Believe it or not, you're right! I bought the same cake for Sarah's shower back in June 2006 :) Her's was a bit bigger, but the same thing. Good memory! :)

Oh, and it TASTES as good as it looks! :)

And why does it have to be SNOWING again?? Ugh. :)

Love you!

Karen said...

Well I am at 101 with 12 errors! I think all 12 of them were when I was trying to type further words ahead of the one word I had done wrong - and it just kept blinking at me :)