Tuesday, January 9

Let's Mix It Up

Happy and sad times. The good news is that my parents sold their house after 5 months of having it on the market. Well, it's more than good news, it's great news and a wonderful answer to prayer! It's great because they have been obedient to God though they have desired to move to Oregon for 30+ years. God has opened the door for that to happen. The sad news is I will miss them and Adam and the dogs! A lot! I have lived near my family all my life and we've been through a lot together, especially last year. They are also selling the house in which I grew up. I currently live about 4 miles away. After they move, it'll be about 2,600 miles.

God leads His people at the perfect time, always, and I rest in that though I know it's ok to be sad at the same time. Yet I'm also so happy that they are seeing a desire realized. It gets me excited for holidays spent out there and being able to go to Oregon more in general and with that, seeing my aunt and grandma more. It's a beautiful state as well. This change marks the beginning of a new time in our lives and we will make new memories in their new house. I hope the dogs remember me (I think they will).

Events coming up that will be extra fun (but also sad) include the premier of "24" and my dad's birthday, all in consecutive days next week. I'm going to make his birthday dinner and birthday cake, and we'll celebrate at my place. I haven't decided what I'm making yet since I still need input from him (hi Dad!).


eurorebs said...

Alicia, that's so EXCITING!! Wow. I completely understand the "happy and sad" feelings. It's like it's all too much for your heart to handle at once. Wow. So stinkin' cool though. Your parents are moving to Oregon and you'll get to go out there more often. Praise God!

BamFam said...

Hey join the club of families-afar! You should hook up skype with your family or something. Its been a blessing to us.


Anonymous said...

Very touching to read your comments. We have so much to be thankful for, especially the many years of living in the same house with you, Alicia! You have been a lot of fun to be around for so many years, and it will seem pretty strange not seeing you on a regular basis. I am sure Micah and Asher will quickly reconnect with you whenever they see you!! And the shrimp dish you fixed for my birthday last year will be great to have again. And I am really looking forward to the cake!! Love, Dad