Thursday, January 4

Coffee Cake

I added a recipe to the side dishes link on the left for Breakfast Coffee Cake which is baking right now for the youth retreat this weekend (hence no picture). I made it for a camping trip last summer, and it went over pretty well. This time, I doubled it again (into a 9x13) and am leaving off the icing since there is enough sugar. A reviewer said it was good even without it. The icing isn't super "stable" to remain on the cake and not run into puddles if the cake isn't nice and level (which mine wasn't last time, it dipped in one area) of if you can't serve it while still warm.


eurorebs said...

Mmmm. Coffee Cake. Mmmm.

Lingalls said...

Excellent! I am always on the lookout for a good CL recipe. I think I will try it with the icing this weekend.