Friday, August 25

Wipe the Dust Off Your Rhythm

My friend Meg (Hi Meg!) led me to a site recently as I was trying to figure out the name of a country song I heard this week. I can't remember much of the words, but I liked it. You all now how that goes. Naturally, I desired to find out more about it and belt my melodic voice along in perfect tune (riiiiiiight). So Meg said, try to find the title. The demo, for one thing, is hilarious. Now on to tapping songs - I had a different country song in my head and actually tapped that song and not the song I really wanted to know about, haha. Try again. Tap tap tap, etc. I could only come up with 7 taps of the mystery song, and alas, Song Tapper requires at least 10. So I gave up on finding the song and moved on to experimenting with other songs to see if Song Tapper would be right. I tried two, and both times, the song didn't come up. So here is a test for you, folks. A test of rhythm, matching finger taps on the keyboard with what is in your good-looking head, and of the program itself to tell you the song you tapped. Pick a song, any song, and off you go...tap, tap tap.

Did it work?

(and yes, this is me admitting that I like country music, if for some reason you did not know that previously.)


Jodi said...

That is a really cool site! I tapped God Bless America (I thought that would be an easy one) and it didn't guess it right.

Jodi said...

I just tried again. I did Hotel California and it guessed right!