Monday, August 21

Oh, Neighbors, Neighbors, Neighbors. Bad Neighbors.

I was quite entertained by and also sympathetic for the people in a Certain Situation I read about on a website recently. This site collects stories having to do with atrocious etiquette in a variety of siuations. The story is in the "Neighbor" category. I can't quite place my finger on what it is that makes these people tick (besides lacking Christ) in such a rude and offensive way. Read on and find your mind boggled, your head shaking and your mind trying to come up with right words for them should you have the opportunity to meet these neighborly folk yourself.


Doctor X said...

Rent the movie Duplex it's a really funny movie about a really bad neighbor.

Catherine said...

That is totally NUTS! And I thought our neighbors were annoying...sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,

I met you the other day on a certain website that I won't name...

I love all of your recipes here! Very cool.

If you want to discuss more, send me a PM, they're still active.

L (sorry to be so cloak and dagger!) :)