Tuesday, January 30

Random Facts

1. I used to want to own a Bed & Breakfast in Oregon. I have since become conflicted though with how that would fit with honoring the Lord and resting on the Sabbath.
2. I took a personality test for a job interview a couple years ago, and the result fit the profile of one who could be a CEO. The interviewer was intrigued and subsequently surprised when I said I had little desire to progress that far. He didn't quite believe me when I said I desired to raise children instead.
3. I have my driver's license and debit card number memorized.
4. I have never baked a ham (I'm not a huge fan of ham).
5. U2 is one of my favorite bands
6. I try without success to have conversations with my [parents'] dogs. They just had a glazed look in their eyes last night when I said that Mom, Dad and Adam were going to be finally coming home from Oregon. Oh, the excitment and anticipation they could have experienced!

What are some random facts about you?


Chris said...

I hope you find a way to open that B&B in Oregon and I promise to be a regular guest. You would be perfect in that type of setting. You could still be a stay-at-home mom. Auntie Chris

Catherine said...

It's ok to be an executive mommy! :) I had a post on this a while back with a link to an article about moms with different personality types:


I also have my credit card number memorized, with that little extra number they sometimes ask for. Josh thinks that's very strange, but it's such a time saver not to have to run down to get my wallet if I'm ordering something online or whatnot. I also have my dad's social security number memorized, because growing up we had to be identified by it in our medical records (military).

I'd stay at your B&B!