Tuesday, January 30

A Quiz About Me

I invite you to take this quiz about me. More random stuff. The best score so far is Meg with 4/7 right. Five people have taken it including my aunt, brother and three friends. Beat Meg!! :-) No one has gotten #5 right yet.

update: Dad scored 100%! Yay Dad!
update again: 17 people have taken the quiz...I'm so honored! I know there are more out there! haha.

Norah Jones' new album came out today. You can listen to two of her songs, one here and one at amazon with a video. I love her jazzy but mellow voice and occasionally let myself think I can sing like her (when we all know the truth).


Anonymous said...

I RULE ALL!!!!!!!
a.k.a. Meganomics

eurorebs said...

Dude - the quiz kept going wacko on me...so hopefully it came out ok! :) I only got the musical instrument one wrong b/c I didn't really study the possible answers :) hehe
P.S. It was SO GOOD to hear your voice! Give me a few more days - I hope to call you soon!

Alicia said...

You have taken the lead, Rebecca! Good thing considering you were my roommate for two years in college! Love you too my dear friend.

Catherine said...

Argh I have utterly failed your quiz! Please don't hate me! Can I still be your friend????