Friday, January 26

Quiz #9 Answers

Hi Readers! The answers to the recent quiz are:

1. Umbrella with raindrops (yay for Lynne!)
2. The inside of a parasol (but not the mini drink kind). I'll give credit to the four who guessed the small ones that go in drinks
(Catherine, Maureen, Lynne & Frankie) since you couldn't tell how big it was from the picture.

My parents found a home in Oregon! It is being inspected today, and they will close on it a few days after they arrive in late February. They leave Pittsburgh around February 16 or 17. Praise God for His provision of a great home for them. I've been staying with the dogs this week while they have been out there finding a house.

I added a link under Useful Links for sermons by Andrew Quigley, the pastor of Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland.


Catherine said...

I didn't mean the drink kind, I meant the Asian ones with paper not cloth - the ones we got when we lived in Korea were actually quite large!

Alicia said...

Oh! Ok. I thought you meant the drink kind (even though the word drink wasn't mentioned in your answer, haha).

Fascinating that you lived in Korea!