Wednesday, December 17

Baby Dreams

I've neglected my blog. I know you are all fine with that and surviving. :)

I've had two baby dreams so far.

A month or so ago, I dreamed we had a boy, blue eyes, light hair and skin (like me) and we were in the car leaving a church. I was holding him up front (!) and he was a pudgy older baby maybe 5 mo, and I reached around to put him in his facing-forward car seat (!) and remember thinking, I hope whoever put him in the seat to come to church had read the instruction manual for the car seat, and I was thinking, I really need do read it myself.

So strange!

Last night, I dreamed that I had a baby girl and had to go away right away for whatever reason for about a week, and I came home to my old neighborhood and a neighbor offered me a piece of pita with hummus on it that I snacked on as I crossed the street to go to my parents old driveway. My mom came out with my baby and handed her to me, and I got a good look at her face: light hair, blue eyes, light skin, and I was so excited to be home and be with her again. She looked to be about 5 months old and not a newborn though I was only gone week, she wasn't pudgy like my son in the other dream. lol.

So far, I've put my kids in danger and neglected them! Thankfully I am not overly concerned that this will flow over into reality.


Catherine said...

That's funny - during my first pregnancy I was always dreaming that I would go somewhere and hours later remember "I'm supposed to have a baby with me" like I had left her some place. But I never have in real life, so I think you're probably safe from committing egregious baby seat crimes or whatnot too. :)

Angie said...

Hi Alicia! I just commented back to you on my blog, but I forgot to mention someone. First of all, I really like your blog! I love all the info about food, and you've given me some great ideas. What I really wanted to commet on, though, was vaccinations. Steve and I have decided not to vaccinate either of our boys. Maybe later on, but for now, they have not received any. That is great you have done so much research about them, because it truly is a big decision, and I wish that people could be more educated about it. We have had it kind of easy. My husband is a chiropractor, and being into natural medicine, he has learned tons on it. The advantage to him being a doctor is that the other doctors dont question us and try to pressure us into vaccinating our kids, they respect our opinion. Most people I know just feel so pressured, so even if they are feeling led to not vaccinate, they are basically forced into doing it. Good for you though, preparing yourself and taking charge of your decisions.

lynardlynard said...

I'm glad to hear your dreams are pretty tame. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones mine were a little more scary—like Pharaoh's (seven pudgy babies eat...nevermind). :-)

Anonymous said...

My dreams were all about giving birth to animals - the main one I remember was birthing a gerbil who was wearing clothing! Hope you're doing well - miss your blogs!
-erin w.