Friday, October 31

Coconut Oil

I've been meaning to post about coconut oil all summer and haven't...

We love it. We eat it. We put it on our skin. I've read a lot about it. I plan to use it on our baby's skin for "baby acne".

Robin posted about it recently over at Whole Food Nation and it's a quick summary of its benefits. She has summarized what I've read in many places. Please check it out!

I have always bought the Nutiva brand, though there are many others. I get it from Amazon using the subscribe and save option I mentioned a while back. The key is to get cold-pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil. It should smell like coconuts.

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Frederick said...

Yes, organic virgin coconut oil is the best there is. Virgin coconut oil has that fresh coconut scent and taste while refined varieties are typically odorless and/or tasteless.

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