Wednesday, July 9

Subscribe & Save from Amazon

Amazon has a new feature called Subscribe & Save, and today, it saved me about $12! Amazon offers a multitude of products (9,000 +) at a 15% discount, plus free shipping, when you subscribe to a regular delivery of a product. You can cancel at any time. What I purchased today was two jars of the coconut oil we like, and it totaled $26 compared to about $38 if I bought the oil at the store. You can choose from a delivery every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months, so I chose 6, which is likely when we will want the oil again. According to the terms, I could cancel after getting the delivery of the order I just placed and not worry about future purchases and not be penalized. Amazon will send an email when the next order is going out so there isn't a unexpected or forgotten charge.

Take a look around and see if there are products you normally buy; maybe you can save some money this way. Examples include: cereal, diapers, snack bars, paper towels, and more. Click here to view a list top brands and access all brands offered. Now, I know many of you can do better with CVS deals, but there are many products here you can't get at CVS.

Ladies, if any of you drink raspberry leaf tea, you can get it (organic) for a per-box price of $3.33. It comes in a six-pack.

I'm doing some price comparisons on agave nectar and finding it cheaper to buy from amazon.

Image from amazon.

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