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Letter to Parents

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If some of you fear reactions in your child to vaccines, you may soon get a letter like the one below from your doctor, which is the product of a very new movement of organizations including the American Association of Pediatrics, to (in my opinion) bully parents into vaccinating and retain national control of the vaccine industry, in partner with pharmaceutical companies. This new group, which will be called Immunization Alliance, will seek to counter parents' rights to make informed decisions for their own kids. I wonder what goes on behind the scenes in doctors' offices that support parent's decisions to delay or fore go vaccinations? Surely they receive this literature and pressure.

"By not vaccinating your child you are taking selfish advantage of thousands of others who do vaccinate their children, which decreases the likelihood that your child will contract one of these diseases. We feel such an attitude to be self-centered and unacceptable. We are making you aware of these facts not to scare you or coerce you, but to emphasize the importance of vaccinating your child. We recognize that the choice may be a very emotional one for some parents. We will do everything we can to convince you that vaccinating according to the schedule is the right thing to do.

However, should you have doubts, please discuss these with your health care provider in advance of your visit. In some cases, we may alter the schedule to accommodate parental concerns or reservations. Please be advised, however, that delaying or "breaking up the vaccines" to give one or two at a time over two or more visits goes against expert recommendations, and can put your child at risk for serious illness (or even death) and goes against our medical advice as providers....such additional visits will require additional co-pays on your part. Furthermore, please realize that you will be required to sign a "Refusal to Vaccinate" acknowledgement in the event of lengthy delays.

Finally, if you should absolutely refuse to vaccinate your child despite all our efforts, we will ask you to find another health care provider who shares your views. We do not keep a list of such providers nor would we recommend any such physician."

From Barbara Loe Fisher: "The message from the AAP leadership to vaccine-educated parents is: you WILL give your children every vaccine that industry produces even it brain damages or kills them. You DO NOT have the human right to protect your child from vaccine injury and death because you MUST sacrifice your child for what AAP and government officials have decided is the "greater good." Your child does NOT belong to you and if you don't agree to do exactly what we say, we will make sure your family is denied medical care."

The underlying assumption is that if you choose an alternate schedule, you are doing it because you are confused and stupid, and the government knows better. You may think that is rash, but it's my opinion. If you are a parent who chooses to do individual vaccines instead of combination or multiple vaccines (an act that can significantly reduce the risk of reaction, both short term and long term), they will try to convince you it's unsafe to give them individually. This is an utterly false and negligent assumption. Were these vaccines designed to be given together? They were not. They were married up by the government for convenience to assure full vaccination. It was not because a vaccine given alone would cause increased health risk.

What trust has the CDC & AAP earned to dictate to you that your child is better off receiving 5 shots containing 7 vaccines at a mere 8 weeks of age rather than receiving each or some shots individually, when the child is older?

By the way, twenty-six years ago, the AAP concurred with the need to provide "simple justice for children" by passing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.


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Anonymous said...

the government is making it harder and harder for parents to make the decision about what is best for their children. I guess this goes along with Hilary's book "It takes a village to raise a child", village being the smarted/better people of the government. Well with Dad's 30 plus years working for a federal government agency, we know that there are really some stupid people making these kinds of decisions that effect our families.