Thursday, April 24

Skewed Skewers?

America's Test Kitchen has an interesting review of skewers used for grilling. I bought my first set a last summer, and they're long, flat and metal. I've found them to be pretty satisfactory. They weren't too thick to thread meat or vegetables and kept the food in place while grilling and turning. I remember that I bought them at a store in the Strip District of Pittsburgh [a wholesale shopping area...not the other possible meaning] but am unsure of the brand.

Let's take a look at the review. Bamboo skewers stink, they say. They are bound burn and break when cooking at high heat, regardless of soaking. The food typically ends up turning on round skewers, making it difficult to turn the food when needed. They recommend flat skewers, which works for me since I already own them! So as grilling season heats up, be on the lookout for flat skewers. I hope you can find some and enjoy skewering to your heart's content. Chicken thigh meat, by the way, is a delicious choice!

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