Friday, March 28

Lime 'N Chili Almonds

Ryan and I have recently been hooked on the delicious Lime 'n Chili Almonds from Blue Diamond. In fact, I might buy case of 6 from amazon since the per unit price is about $2.69. I would like to compare the Target price first. There are also other bold flavors such as Jalepeno Smokehouse, Wasabi & Soy Sauce, and Maui Onion 'n Garlic. They also have Salt & Vinegar which might be really good if you like salt and vinegar potato chips (I do).

The nuts have a great kick, and if you let them sit in your mouth for a moment before munching on them, the lime flavor blasts through. And you all know I love me some lime!

Photo from the Blue Diamond website


Anonymous said...

I noticed that some of the stores have sample size 1oz bags of the differnt flavors to try before you buy a whole can. That's how we tried the lime n chili.

lynardlynard said...

Oh man, we got the wasabi and soy ones when CVS or Walgreen's was having a sale and I had a kickin coupon. They were so yum. I'll have to try this flavor...when the next coupon comes along.

Jacob said...

These almonds are just insanely good. I think what makes them (and the Wasabi) stand out from the crowd is that they taste great but don't have a horrible aftertaste. In fact, they have none. We seriously can't stop eating these things.