Monday, April 23

They won't give up

A month ago, I took a picture of a nest some birds had built in my grill:

I removed the nest (no eggs were in it, thankfully) and since then have removed parts of a new nest several times. Before using my grill tonight, there was yet more work done on a nest. I removed the materials, and within 30 min of turning the grill off, they were at it again:

I'm worried that one day, I'll open the grill and find a completed nest with eggs. What then? They can't live there all summer! They will also be competing with wasps for use of my grill as a home!


Catherine said...

Your wildlife is very persistent!

Chris said...

I believe these birds are protected by federal laws, I will have to report you! You should live in Oregon, our birds are much more considerate of their masters. Auntie Chris