Tuesday, April 24

It continues....

The mother bird must be ready to lay her eggs....they made a lot of progress today from last night! Any ideas to keep them from building? I can't let the nest remain there. Or, if I do, how long would the nest need to be there? Maybe I could put a box with some holes in it so they can get in and out and place it underneath the grill.

My mom gave me the following idea which I think might work. The wind will blow the foil and scare them off. I put the nest above under the grill in a plastic crate. We'll see. I doubt they'll use it since I touched it. It's a foil seahorse! haha.


Lisa-O said...

Nice seahorses! I need to hang some from our gutters. Then...to find a wasp-deterrant. Maybe wasps are afraid of seahorses too ;)

Catherine said...

Great idea about the foil, and nice to make it decorative with the seahorse design!

Yeah I need a wasp deterrent too. Wasps camp out in my lillies and pester me all summer.

lynardlynard said...

Great idea! I tire of the bees and wasps, too. Birds are cuter but still a pest in that location. Can you build them an attractive tenement?

|||||| lynard

Denae said...

Hi Alicia! We just moved into a new house and are having this problem now. Unfortunately, Chris went to turn on the grill the other night (without lifting the lid) and it started a huge fire inside the grill. We then discovered the nest and an egg. :( Since then, they have rebuilt the nest twice...but we've been checking it and haven't used the grill since. I had remembered reading about this on your blog and wanted to see what solution you came up with. Luckily didn't have to search too long for the post...I think I actually went right to it. Anyway, did the foil end up working? Did you do anything else? What about sanitizing it? If you don't mind, will you send me an email at denae.hutson@sbcglobal.net?

Oh and congratulations on the baby!!! I was pretty shocked to see that since I hadn't check your blog in quite some time. Mine will be 2 in July...crazy!