Thursday, March 29

Quiz #11

I bet you never thought you'd see one of these again! A photo quiz, that is.


Shannon Koons said...

1) something spring growing in a ceramic pot with potting soil
2) a block of cheddar cheese, post-shredding

Chris McNally said...

#1 is a planter on your balcony which you haven't cleaned from last year.
#2 is cheese; looks like cheddar on our computer or havarti.

Catherine said...

1) a planter
2) the stub from grating cheese

Anonymous said...

1) Outdoor flower pot after a long winter
2) Cheese block after a little shredding

Michelle said...

1 - pot on your patio with dirt and a possible plant in it
2 - block of cheese after grating

Laura said...

ditto; that second one makes me ravenous.

Karen said...

i agree with everyone else :)