Friday, December 22


What was supposed to be two days of vacation turned into two "sick" days as I have a cold and had the worst night of sleep in a looong time last night. While I am very glad I was already scheduled to have off, it kinda stinks that I'm just laying around without much energy to do anything.

My brother Andy & my sister-in-law Erin are arriving today for a few days (they live in San Diego). It'll be good to see them, especially since it might be a pretty long time before I see them again (next summer perhaps).

I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night after I recieved a few recommendations to get it. It was cute and I liked it. I can't see myself wearing the things Anne Hathaway's character wore, but hey, most women love a movie about fashion!


Catherine said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you get better soon!

I'm glad to hear you liked the movie - I had been wondering if I should see it. Now if I can just convince Josh to agree to rent it with me...

lynardlynard said...

Sorry to hear about the stinky virus. Hope you are on the mend. Kate and I recommend ZiCam nose swabs, btw. :-) We still get sick, but it seems to resolve faster.

Happy New Year to you!

|||||| lynard