Wednesday, December 20

Carrot Cake and Pepper

I had Danila and Josh over tonight for their birthday dinner (Josh and Danila have birthdays two days apart). Josh requested the carrot cake my my mom has made in the past, so I made it for the first time. My mom's cakes have been taller in the past (she uses 8" pans maybe? I used 9") but I think the taste and turnout was quite similar. Danila and Josh contentedly ate their pieces of cake while I shot some pictures, haha. For dinner, we had Ancho-and-Coffee-Rubbed Filet Mignon with Ancho-Mushroom Sauce. I've made that about 5+ times now and it's always just right. The steaks are cooked in the oven after being browned in a fry pan on the stove, and they are very tender and cooked to the desired doneness. The sauce has a deep flavor that compliments the steak quite well. Some of you like plain steak...that's fine! I also served Confetti Mashed Potatoes, which is mashed potatoes (with milk and butter) combined with cream cheese, an egg, pimentoes and green onions. It's then baked for a little while and is a nice twist on regular mashed potatoes.

Oh yeah, while grinding pepper to add to the sauce only moments before Danila and Josh arrived, the grinder popped open and peppercorns flew everywhere!! I dustbusted them up and spooned about three peppercorns out of the sauce...oops.

I'm off until Wednesday of next week! I am so happy!

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Michelle said...

Congrats on being off till Wed! I am jealous...then you are heading to CO for work, right?