Saturday, December 2

Photo Quiz #9

After much anticipation and delay!! What are they?


Catherine said...

The one on top is a macadamia nut. The second one is the bottom of some kind of tool, maybe a wrench?

Anonymous said...

1. Macadamia nut
2. zit extractor, hahaha, j/k . . . . metal piece that helps hold dog gate (or baby gate) together


lynardlynard said...

1. yes, macadamia nut...
2. the end of a pot handle


|||||| lynard

stacey said...

The first is a hazelnut. I have no idea what the second is, some sort of tool maybe?

Anonymous said...

The first one is a hazelnut.
second I have not idea.

Rebs said...

According to Dad:

1) Garbonzo (sp?) bean aka chick pea
2) the end of a electrical plug

He's gooood.