Monday, December 4

Galison Stationery

For a few years, I have liked stationery from Galison. They have notecards, journals, address books and more. The only thing I own is this striped notebook. They have a nice selection of Asian art as well and cool New York items. They also have e-cards which are simple but with pretty pictures.

In other news, I am reading and enjoying Eragon, which was reviewed by Jared about one year ago.

Having read and presumably thoroughly enjoyed this post, guess on the below quiz! Ta, ta!


lynardlynard said...

Ah, the fine art e-cards are sweet! It is often nice to send a Renoir or a VanGogh, instead of a Hallmark illustration. Let us know what you think of Eragon. My 13-year-old wants to read it. That would be fine, you think?

|||||| lynard

Shannon Koons said...

That is really cool stationary. Loved the ecards. I'll have to keep that in mind for future reference. There's a stationary store in Indy called Papyrus, I wonder if they carry it...

Hope you aren't disappointed with Wintersong. Tell me if you like it.