Sunday, December 10

Photo Quiz #9 Answers

Quiz 9 Answers

1. A Hazelnut. Many of you thought it was a macadamia nut...which is similar in appearance, though less shaped than a hazelnut. Stacey guessed this one correctly, and Mom was also right.
2. The end of an electrical plug...I thought no one was going to get this, but Rebecca just posted her dad's correct guess on this one! Nice job. Here is a less-cropped picture:

I had a Christmas party last night, and it was great fun and lotttttttttttttts of food. There were about 14 of us, and my Korean neighbor also came. My parents and Adam came over today to eat some of the leftovers. I never took any pictures of anything, though I should have. We had, among many other things, the truffles and cookies which I posted about recently. Thanks to all who came, if you read this!


Michelle said...

Did you change your profile pic on your blog? Just curious!

Alicia said...

I did, though it looks funny because it's showing smaller than actual size (grainy).

Anonymous said...

Alicia, thanks for the great party left-overs! They were REALLY delicious!!!