Tuesday, October 3

Winning Weekend

My dad and Micah have continued to compete in rally trials, and this past weekend, they secured their Advanced Title (2nd of 3 levels of competition for Rally) with a qualifying score and they won 2nd place. On Saturday, they went on to get the first of three legs of the Excellent level, taking first place for the day. Yay for Dad and Micah! Two more legs to go with Excellent and the Rally competing will be complete. My mom has started to show Asher in confirmation and he will be eligible for agility once he is a year old (December).

And just for fun, here is an old picture of Micah practicing agility in the backyard. His two back feet just seem to be floating along with the rest of him.

And best of all, I have a new nephew :-). I enjoyed Jared's post (pics here) about his new son, Elias, and I'm excited for this new life.


Catherine said...

Wow I didn't know he was a show dog! Cool!

Chris McNally said...

Yay Micah and Tom. Chris