Friday, September 1

Women Where?

I appreciated a recent post by Jared regarding a woman's "place". I very much agree with what he said and encourage you to take a look at it. I commented over there, so I won't add anything here.

A friend emailed me saddening info related to Walmart and their recent, blatant endorsement of homosexual marriage (and thus destruction of true marriage), and you can read about it here. The cycle of man seeking to serve himself goes 'round and 'round and 'round.


Doctor X said...

Yes my wife showed it to me on Saturday. She even printed out several copies to hand out to the women at church on Sunday. I'll tell you this much we won't be renewing our SAM's club membership! Sheri was so upset about it she is thinking of picketing SAM's club.
I just don't understand how they can side with the radical homosexual minority on this issue.

Dr. Dobson from Focus on the Family is having a pro-family rally in Pittsburgh in a few weeks. I think Sheri and I will be attending!

Anonymous said...

Finally something good that Wal-Mart is doing.
It stinks that Wal-Mart's reputation for oppressing the poor both here and abroad does not cause more folks to picket. Two people loving each other does though. It does not make sense to me. Think how many times that the Bible speaks about the poor and compare it to how many times that homosexuality is mentioned.