Tuesday, September 5

Quiz #4 Answers & The Smallest State

The answers to Quiz #4 are:
1) Toothpicks
2) Avocado pit

Congrats to Josh and Anonymous for guessing the second picture right! I don't believe anyone guessed toothpicks from those who guess via email, comments or in person. Next quiz coming soon.

I went to Rhode Island this weekend and had a great time with Maureen, Alastair and their bubbly baby boy.
On Saturday, the sea was choppy and rough with large waves . It was spectacular to watch. On Sunday, I was blessed to visit the RP church plant in Providence and meet a great group of committed church planters. We left at 6 am Monday for the beach (very ambitious of me, I know) and the weather was clear and beautiful for the 5 hours we spent with the sand, waves and gulls. I'll post some pictures later this week.

This was my first time going to Rhode Island, and I loved the New England homes, like these (courtesy realtor.com):

The first home is listed for over $3 million. The second two were around $700k. Whatever. Who needs money, right?

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Lingalls said...

Hey, Alicia.

I was going to post on your guacamole post, but I thought you might not find it. Beautiful pictures, btw... too bad I am allergic to avocados.

Have you ever made Four Cheese Stuffed Shells with Smoky Marinara? Very good!

(In case you don't recognize my username, I met you at AVW.)