Thursday, September 28

Product Pickiness

Are there any products that you are very particular about, that you simply must use? For lip balm, I have been using Lush Lip Service exclusively for over six years. It wasn't referred or gifted to me originally for me to start using it. I was in the Lush shop for the first time in Glasgow, Scotland in 2000, and their lip balm was on the counter by the register. I was purchasing something else and saw their Lip Service and grabbed one. A total Spontaneous Buy. The thing stores like you to do. I became hooked. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much I liked it until I arrived home; thus, I couldn't stock up on it. The stuff stays on a really long time and isn't too neosporin-like or slippery in its consistency. My supply has typically come from my own visits to Scotland or the UK or other friends buying it for me and bringing it over. There is a US website, (linked above) but the shipping makes the product cost even more.

Had I considered the actual $US amount that the first purchase amounted to for one Little Jar of lip balm, I might have reconsidered that very first purchase. But now I gladly spend $7 per container on it.

So, call me a lip balm snob. Readers, please tell me. Is there something you are particular about? A certain store? Brand? Flavor? Do tell!

Lip Balm Snob


Anonymous said...

This is easy to find, you can buy it in all cities in the USA and doesn't cost alot.Duncan Hines Cake mixes and brownie mixes. I WILL NOT use any other brand of cake mix or brownie mix except Duncan Hines. In the past every time I tried a different brand on the bases of saving some money I was greatly disappointed even to the point of throwing out the finish item. Beside if I died I wouldn't want some one to find an inferior product in my house. It might ruin my reputation!

Doctor X said...

In keeping with the spirit of your post I will admit I am very particular when it comes to shortbread cookies. I will only eat Walker’s Shortbread. I was introduced to this delicacy in college by my Scottish girlfriend at the time. I know Walker’s is over priced and very bad for you but Oh So Good! How can anything that is 50% butter not be good! I don’t buy it that often, usually only around Christmas or when I visit Canada. I’ve had other shortbread but nothing comes even close to Walkers.
Scotch whisky is another product where not just anything will do. I only drink J&B rare and when I can find it select. The select is aged in brandy barrels and gives the whiskey a mellow flavour. Now if someone offers me a Johnny Walkers or a single malt whiskey I’ll take it but for my private stock it has to be J&B.

Anonymous said...

I'm really picky about ketchup - ONLY Heinz for me. Actually, I think it's more that I just hate Hunt's...not that I love Heinz.

I'm also picky about facial products - I only use Mary Kay. I've tried other products, but I've always broken out as a result.


Frankita said...

i swear by aveeno baby soothing relief moisture cream (fragrance free). it truly does moisturize all day! and hey....if it is safe and gentle enough for a new born...

you get the picture. i sound like a commercial. ha ha.