Sunday, September 24

Photo Quiz #6

What are they?

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lynardlynard said...

Oooh, first guesser...can't resist...

1) If it is not my arteries, it might be red string, but that's too easy to be true. *shrug*

2) Chopsticks?

Anonymous said...

1) A tassel received at Graduation on a carpet

2) 3 wooden spoon handles, a cutting board, and a spatula handle, all on a carpet.

Frankita said...

1. strings? not sure exactly.

2. wooden tongs

Anonymous said...

Boy, this is harder.... fringe of your tassel that you got when you graduated from college (that we paid for and it really belongs to us) and I think number 2 is toothpicks (Dad helped me with this one)

Josh said...

Of course! The first picture is a tassel! It's been so long since I've seen one (funny, six years didn't used to seem like a long time ago).

As for the second picture, I'm stumped.