Friday, July 7

Soccer! and Cheesecake!

Here are some fun clips from various team moments during the World Cup. I am not really a soccer fan, but these clips are fun to view. Click "Watch Video" on any of the teams displayed.

I am making this Lemon Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust
tonight from Bon Appetit for our fellowship dinner after church this week. The reviews look good, though sketchy regarding pan size and depth of lemon flavor. After reading all the reviews, I decided to use a 10" springform pan vs. the 9" it calls for, and I think I will add extra lemon zest. There are 7 eggs, 5 packages of cream cheese and 3 cups of sour cream in this monstrous cake! I may subsitute one of the two cups of sugar for Splenda, and I have a couple 1/3 less fat cream cheese blocks to use in addition to regular.

Note to bakers: never bake with fat-free cream cheese. Results = not so good.


Josh said...

Please mention how your cheesecake turned out. I LOVE cheesecake and Catherine makes a really good peach cheesecake, though she's not a fan. She's kind enough to make it for me....about once a year. :) That reminds me, it's about time for cheesecake!

Catherine said...

Lemon with gingersnap crust sounds good (although as Josh mentioned I am not generally a fan of cheesecake). Let us know how it turns out.