Saturday, July 8

Cheesecake Results

Well, Readers, I had success with the Lemon Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust. It didn't crack! I removed a piece or two in order to slice and slightly divide the rest of the cake for easier self-serving at the dinner. The cheesecake was worth making and is very good, but there is one drawback, discussed below. I would recommend trying it. The taste was Smooth, Lemony and Pleasant. I greatly enjoyed the Gingersnap Crust. The recipe was easy to follow, and the baking time was fairly precise. It is a softer, lighter cheesecake because of the presence of sour cream, though I prefer denser less mousse-y cheesecakes. The primary reason I wouldn't make this my default cheesecake is because of the number of ingredients it calls for: 5 packs of cream cheese, 7 eggs and 3 cups of sour cream. There are other cheesecakes I prefer more that involve fewer quantities of said ingredients.

Recommendations if you make it:
- 2T packed lemon zest requires 3 lemons
- If you adapt recipe and use a 10" instead of 9" springform pan, I recommend making 1 1/2 times the crust with no change in the filling
- Follow the instructions regarding cooling and covering...I believe that might be the key to no cracks
- secure foil around pan before laying and baking crust; it's easier to be able to flip the pan upside down and mold the foil to the pan if it's empty
- use a dry measuring cup to press the crumbs down in the pan to make the crust; less sticking

It doesn't have the consistency of cheesecake which I personally love. However, this may be the ideal cheesecake for someone else. One I very much enjoy and have made several times may be found here. I like the combination of chocolate and cheesecake, and the recipe linked is for a Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake. It is very good and often requested! I also intend to try this recipe from Cooking Light, which I friend recommended I try.

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