Thursday, January 12


Many of you know I enjoy photography. A friend pointed me to a website, Gigapxl Project, which details a photo study using custom-built Gigapxl™ cameras. Apparently, the images contain one billion pixels each and can be enlarged significantly while retaining substantial detail. Each image in the gallery shows a progression of enlargment. I particluarly enjoyed the photos of Pittsburgh and the Grand Canyon. In the latter, look how the image can be zoomed in on the people whom you can barely see in the original image! It's incredible!

There are many photos to choose from in the gallery. Amazing!


BamFam said...

thanks for the link. I too enjoy photography, although I'm oldschool using a 35mm SLR. What kind of photography do you enjoy the most? I really like b/w but recently I have been playing around with taking the negative of a photo and seeing what it looks like. Talk to you later,

BamFam said...

Oh, one more thing. Did you hear that Nikkon is going to stop producing all 35mm cameras except for a few models geared towards professionals? It might be the beginning of the end.