Sunday, January 1

God's Wisdom

"He is mighty in strength and wisdom." Job 36:5

The below excerpts from Knowing God (J.I. Packer) are excellent references to God's wisdom:
"Wisdom without power would be pathetic, a broken reed; power without widsom would be merely frightening; but in God boundless wisdom and endless power are united, and this makes Him utterly worthy of our fullest trust." (p 81)

"God's widsom is not, and never was, pledged to keep a fallen world happy, or to make ungodliness comfortable. Not even to Christians has He promised a trouble-free life; rather the reverse. He has other ends in view for life in this world than simply to make it easy for everyone." (p. 81)

"We should not, therefore, be too taken aback when unexpected and upsetting and discouraging things happen to us now. What do they mean? Why, simply that God in His wisdom means to make something of us which we have not attained yet, and is dealing with us accordingly." (p. 86)


Tamara said...

That is a good vision for you. You have great wisdom. Your life will bear much fruit. I profess I know very little of wisdom, but I know God knows all things.

Anonymous said...

Good reminder to read Packer - and that Beards link is truly horrifying. Peach w/ a beard - eeaaach.
Love, Pin :)