Monday, November 3

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Before today, I don't think I ever ate pumpkin seeds. I knew Ryan liked them so I went on the search for a couple seasoned pumpkin seed recipes. Of course, I couldn't roast them all just plain and with only salt. I had about 4 cpus of seeds, so I used four different seasoning combinations. We liked each of them pretty well.

Plain with butter, olive oil and salt. I used popcorn salt because it's so fine.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (rosemary, salt).

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds (salt, cayenne pepper)

Lime Toasted Pepitas (surprise, surprise) Actually, these seeds are from the butternut and acorn squashes that I roasted for Velvety Squash Soup for dinner on Saturday. They turned out tasty like the pumpkin seeds. I had a little less than a cup of them.


Liz Harrell said...

Oooh... love the one with rosemary! Sounds so yummy!

Bob and Chris said...

You say you liked each of them pretty well...was there one you liked the best? Aunie Chris

Alicia said...

I probably liked the plain/salt and the salt/cayenne the best.

Ivy said...

I love making these every year. They are so addictive too. :)
Your flavors sound delicious.