Thursday, September 25

The Slow Cooker

What are some of your favorite slow cooker recipes? I've been wanting to use mine more, and now is as good a time as any. I haven't used it nearly enough in the last three or so years despite the fact that I love to come home from work and have dinner prep so well progressed already. I thankfully have the option to come home at lunch or any time in the afternoon to start a recipe that doesn't require all day cooking. I really should use it more. Help me!


Alaina said...

Well, you already know about the sweet 'n tangy pot roast but we LOVE it! We also really like this soup(
We also just like a plain roast with all the veggies (potatoes, carrots, onions...) slow cooked all day and Oven Stew done in the crock pot (

I really like using my crockpot - it makes for such an easy dinner and the house smells great!

Maureen said...

Great question! I've been feeling the same way! I have taken a few stabs at pulled pork and pulled chicken in my crock pot, but nothing stellar enough to pass on to you. I'll be checking back to see what your other readers say!

lynardlynard said...

My favorite is crockpot Thai Chicken. It can be made fairly inexpensively and can serve a big crew. Use 8 thighs, deskinned, to 3/4 c. hot salsa and 1/4c peanut butter. Add 2 T. lime juice, 1 T soy sauce, and 1 t. grated gingerroot. Cook for 8-9 hours on low, and serve with chopped peanuts and fresh cilantro.

Dried beans--for soup, casseroles, or saucing--do great in a long crockpot. You don't have to soak them ahead of time. You can start those the night before and they'll be ready the next day for dinner.

OK, one last one: Hot Reuben Spread. It is more of an appetizer, but makes a good meal, too. Spray the crockpot with non-stick spray and throw in 8oz cream cheese (reduced-fat works), 5 oz thin corned beef chopped, 1-2/2 c shredded Swiss, 3/4 c. drained sauerkraut, and 1/2 c. Thousand Island dressing. Cook on low 2-6 hours. It will be ready at 2, but can hold up for another 4. Serve with pretzel crackers, cocktail rye, or a loaf of rye bread.

Sorry so long! :-)

Alicia said...

Alaina, I hope to try the tangy pot roast soon.

Lynne, the Thai Chicken sounds really good, as does the Hot Reuben Spread!

Thanks a lot!

Anne said...

I have 3 recipes that I like to use, especially in the fall & winter months, BUT they are basically opening up cans and letting them warm together...if you're not opposed to that (you're a real chef and prefer to use things that are fresh...I go for the easy way out! :)), let me know and I'll pass them on. 2 of them came from my sister.

Corn Cheese Chowder
Mexican Chili
Santa Fe Chicken

Jennifer Lewis said...

I am making my favorite recipe right now - creamy chicken

3 chicken breasts
1 cup chicken broth
1 package of ranch dressing mix
1 tab. of butter

Cook that on high for 4 hour hours.
Take out chicken and shred then put back in the crock pot.
Then add:

1 package of cream cheese
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Stir then cook on low for 2 more hours. Serve over noodles or mashed potatoes. Very easy and delicious although not very fancy!