Thursday, September 4


We went and are back already. Man, did it go fast. We looked forward to this trip for about seven months and can't believe it's already over! We had a great time with my family. Thankfully, we did not have any flight delays! Here are some photos. Check out the rest here, if you'd like.

My husband, the rock thrower.

My younger brother Adam, being goofy in the surf. The water wasn't as cold as it normally is.

We picked peaches again this year.


lynardlynard said...

Looks like a well-deserved relaxing vacation! Were the peaches yummy???

Alicia said...

The peaches were so-so this year. It was an off year for a lot of produce, I think. There was a lot of early rain and cool weather. We still picked a lot though, but they lacked the flavor punch of great peaches.

Anonymous said...

The peaches did ripen, but didn't seem to improve their flavor any. We still have about 15 left, I think we got carried away with pick them. But it was really a lot of fun.