Wednesday, September 17

I still flip the switch anyway

Wind on Sunday night. No power until Friday. That is our story.

The longer version is our area was hit by high winds from Hurricane Ike on Sunday night. As we drove home from the RP Home where Ryan preached, there were branches around and areas without power. Minutes after arriving home, we lost our power. It's been off ever since and the power company says "late Friday" for our area. Around noon on Monday, we moved the food in our fridge and freezer to the church, and it's still there, nice and cold. Some good friends invited us to shower at their place, which we took them up on the last two nights since we don't have hot water. They also invited us to dinner last night and for Thursday. Tonight, there is a meeting and pizza at church.

I've enjoyed going to bed earlier but it would be nice to have light to clean the kitchen and be able to cook or have cold food. I have food at work in my mini fridge, but Ryan has had to scrounge for breakfast. I'm thankful that we haven't lost anything and that it's been cool enough to sleep comfortably at night.

What's funny is I sometimes still turn on light switches or lamps out of habit. Obviously, nothing happens. Who knows how many lights will be on in our apartment when the power comes back.

What's the longest you have ever gone without power?

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lynardlynard said...

I have not gone without power for more than a couple days. The worst is when it is winter, and your gas heat won't kick on because of the little electric starter. We don't have a fireplace. I've often thought a generator would be a good emergency investment, but we've never done it. We are campers, and have a propane cookstove and some good equipment, but in town, you can't just start a campfire to keep warm or cook with your dutch oven. :-) And you have to be like the French, and shop for fresh food everyday...

Our sympathies are with you for your sufferings this week!