Friday, August 29



lynardlynard said...

Wow, the clown makeup is elaborate! Nice work, mom! And the bike. That is a sweet bike, with a basket and everything!

Ryan said...

My personal favorite is the expression you have in the red hoodie. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your red bike and want one like it for Northern! I have a Schwinn banana seat one put away for when she's a bit older (although I am sure it won't be cool enough!), but I would love an oldschool bike for her now instead of the purple bike she has with the word "Sassy" printed all over it!
These photos are great:)
-erin w.

Alicia said...

Erin, haha, the banana seat probably won't be cool enough.

Lynne, it was actually my DAD who did the makeup! He is a long time fan of the circus and had real clown makeup to use on us - we had fun.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing those old pictures, as so many people say when they look back at childhood photos of their kids "Where did all the years go." Great memories came back looking at them and even a few tears!
Love you a bunch!