Friday, August 1

Hair Poll Results

You may need to enlarge the pic to see the words. I have another poll we can do. Would you like one?


Catherine said...

I want to know what the voters meant by "Other Option" - it seems like your range of options was pretty comprehensive! Maybe "other option" was something like "I let my dog chew it off" or readers who have taken vows never to cut their hair or something? :)

Catherine said...

Maybe pet rodents would be better hair chewers than dogs, on further reflection. Remember that part in one of the Little House books when a mouse chewed off Pa's hair!?

Alicia said...

These were the "other" answers:

1. I'm going for dreads.
2. By a friend at a mid-range salon
3. done almost all of the above in the past few years

I guess there were some I hadn't covered, lol.